"T" series (developed from the HOLSET license **) - product information | applications
T series produced by Hidromecanica, are based on a high license and are designed to supercharging the diesel engines for terrestrial traction, construction equipments; naval, railway and various industrial applications, covering the power scale between 60 and 800 HP by turbocharger unit.

The "TR" series
(developed from the BROWN BOVERI license **) - product information | applications
The TR series produced by Hidromecanica are based on a BROWN BOVERI (BBC) license, developed and diversified in a great amount of applications. Is designed to fit diesel engines with various utilizations: railway traction (diesel-electric locomotives, diesel-hydraulics, auto engines), naval applications (main engines, auxiliary engines, electrogenic groups, emergency – intervention groups), stationary groups, petrol and gas field applications (drilling installations, cementation units, motor-gas-compressors) s. o.
These turbochargers cover power scales 350 to 1500 HP per unit of turbocharger.
The "TS" series - product information | applications
The TS series produced by Hidromecanica are designed to the diesel engines having mainly the following destinations: railway traction (diesel-electric, diesel-hydraulic locomotives), naval applications (main propulsion engines maritime or fluvial, auxiliary engines, electrogenic naval groups), stationary groups, electrical centrals, applications of the petrol and gas field s. a. These turbochargers cover the scale of powers 1200 to 4000 HP per turbocharger unit. The TS 4 family is based on a SULZER license** while the TS5 and TS6 families start from an ALCO license**.

** Note: The licenses have expired, in present HIDROMECANICA produces the turbochargers under its own brand.

We mention that we repair in our workshops any type of turbocharger produced by us during the period of over 40 years since we activate in the field and as well, depending of the case, we also repair similar turbochargers produced by traditional world producers (such as HOLSET, ABB, MAN, SCHWITZER, GARRETT, KKK, IHI, ALCO, ELLIOT, MITSUBISHI, etc.).


(developed from the CLARK license **) - product information | applications
Are composed by a hydraulic couple converter and a transmission that changes the speed under weight (power shift), arranged either as independent groups or in a whole.
Are executed in power scale between 50 and 1000 HP, totalizing 14 dimension types and 60 applications .

The C + T series are designed for the field of powers 165 ... 1000 HP.
The HRS series are used in the 50 ... 215 HP field .

Are designed for a large scale of equipments: frontal chargers, bulldozers, auto graders, auto scrapers, compactors, tip - up trucks, dumpers, motor heapers, drill locomotives, etc.

** Note: The license has expired, in present HIDROMECANICA produces the transmissions under its own brand.


- (developed from the license VOITH*) - product information | applications
Are products used in the railway traction in equipping the hydraulic diesel locomotives.
The field of powers 136....1500 HP
The adopted solutions in producing the pairs of transmissions and reducers are either with flange reducer or with incorporated reducer.
Seven types of hydraulic transmissions were designed and produced in variants of over 50 applications.

* Note: The license has expired, in present HIDROMECANICA produces the transmissions under its own brand.


- product information | applications
Are products used in the railway traction in equipping the hydraulic diesel locomotives.

The scale of powers : 300....700 HP


- product information | applications
Are designed especially for fitting the drilling groups and intervention installations in the petrol industry.
The scale of powers : 136....1200 HP.
Six converter sizes are produced in different variants that cover 19 applications.


- product information | applications
The hydraulic couples are used for different mining equipments, conveyor belts for mining exploitations, quarries, power stations s. a.
Depending on the beneficiary’s necessities, different variants are produced, in order to allow the assembling on the action electric engine as well as on the stimulated part. As well depending on the beneficiary’s necessities it’s possible to produce also through the side transmission of the motion through the trapezoidal belts. The scale of powers : 5,5....650 kW. Are produced in 7 sizes for 24 applications.


With the advantage of fabrication equipments and technologies which allow the flexibility of the production, HIDROMECANICA can meet the requirements of its clients, producing, on grounds of the documentation provided by the beneficiary, products used in various fields of activity.
: • Railway transport: damper spare parts, spring carriages spare parts, bearing frames, draw bars group, toothed wheels, shafts, lids, bushings, buffers etc;
• Transport and constructions (spare parts for connections): hubs, planetary legs, solar wheels, differential cases, different flanges, brake drags etc.;
• The food industry: cam wheels for toothed belts.
• The mining industry: grouped cases and various spare parts for conveyor belts rolls, connection rings etc. On beneficiary’s request, it’s possible to produce founded or forged pieces as well as mechanically processed pieces, including as well the ones that request precision processing.

• Spare parts for Tractors of 65HP

• Spare parts for Tractors of 45HP