HIDROMECANICA was founded as a private Company in, Brasov – city of a great industrial tradition. After 1982 HIDROMECANICA has known an important development, more than 80% of the technological equipment was replaced. HIDROMECANICA'S fabrication equipment and technology were developed in the concept of assuring the quality, the productivity and the flexibility of the production.
Now, HIDROMECANICA is a private company with a complex fabrication profile based on own conception products as well as on families of products developed after several licenses.
The certification organism TÜV SÜD of the TÜV Company, Management Service GmbH certifies according to the procedures TÜV SÜD, that HIDROMECANICA has established and applies the Quality management System according to the demands of DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.
In order to assure the conformity of our products with the legal regulations in the railway and military field, HIDROMECANICA has acquired:
THE RAILWAY SUPPLIER license from the Romanian Railway Authority – AFER;
• THE QUALIFICATION of the company by THE GERMAN RAILWAY AUTHORITY (DB) as a provider of moulded products, thermally treated and mechanically processed, from pig iron with nodular graphite.
The quality system implemented by HIDROMECANICA is according to the demands of the National Ministry of Defence, NG OMCAS - 02.01 and SR EN ISO 9001, certification granted by the Romanian National Ministry of Defence through the Military Organism of Certification, Accrediting and Surveillance - OMCAS.
The main groups of products made by HIDROMECANICA are:
• TURBOCHARGERS for supercharging the Diesel engines, with power between 60 - 4000 CP, made by dint of the licenses *: HOLSET, ABB, ALCO, SULZER ;
• HYDRAULIC CONVERTER OF COUPLE AND POWERSHIFT TRANSMISSIONS in the series of powers included between 60 - 1000 CP by dint of the license * CLARK ;
• HYDRAULIC TRANSMISSIONS for hydraulic Diesel locomotives with power between 136 - 1300 CP, by dint of the license * VOITH ;
• COUPLE HYDRAULIC CONVERTERS for the force groups of the drilling and intervention installations of the industry of the petrol in a scale of powers included between 165-1200 CP ;
• HYDRAULIC COUPLINGS for powers of 5,5 - 650 KW .
Note: We mention that the licenses have expired and HIDROMECANICA fabricates and develops products under its own brand.
HIDROMECANICA executes various components and replacement and spare parts for equipments in the constructions field.
- Centrifugal water pumps, for pumping the clean non aggressive liquids or the less dirty ones, intended for the construction site, industrial installations, agricultural irrigations and draining;
- Hydraulic pumps with toothed wheels, which fit the heavy equipments like Stalowa Wola, Fadroma and Belaz;
- Water and oil pumps engines that fit vehicles and heavy equipments;
- Distributors and hydraulic cylinders which fit the heavy equipments such as Stalowa Wola;
- Spare parts for tractors of 45 CP and 65 CP.
HIDROMECANICA shows it’s interest and availability for any other ways of cooperation in the industrial equipments production and distribution.